Library Installations

The aim was to create a psycho-geography of each town and city which combines the sort of good old fashioned storytelling you might hear on the very best radio programmes or podcasts with the very latest scanning technologies and use of 3D models you might come across in video games and mobile augmented reality experiences.

The maps were then produced and rendered into large fly through experiences audiences will be able to sit in front of in their local library and navigate themselves around the map using a browser based iPad experience. It is available free for audiences to explore in their local library.


Explore Your Hometown Like Never Before

With 'StoryTrails: The People's Map'

See hidden spaces and hear untold stories from across the UK with ‘StoryTrails: The People’s Map’, now live on BFI Player.

All 15 maps from the StoryTrails locations are available to watch for free using the link below.

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