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The Reading Agency and StoryTrails have developed a series of toolkits, activity packs and training opportunities for librarians, teachers, and community leaders to access over the summer. These resources will support you to share the power of immersive storytelling with your communities.

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StoryTrails is back in libraries from the 1st October 2022!


Following the incredibly successful two-day events over the summer, StoryTrails is returning to the 15 towns and cities from the 1st October 2022.

The 15 libraries that hosted the 2-day live events are excited to share their new ‘StoryTrails Station’ with the local community as well as offering a range of curated activities for the local community to enjoy such as themed workshops and guided walking trails (please note activities will be organised at individual libraries discretion). If you missed the live events or want the chance to be immersed in local stories and hidden histories once more – you can experience the fun of StoryTrails in our much-loved community hubs. The ‘StoryTrails Station’ will include the unique collection of stories from the local community about the place they live, a table-top version of the augmented reality trail which tells an untold story of the town or city including unseen archive footage and participate in a range of virtual reality experiences created specifically for StoryTrails. What’s more you can not only experience the content created for your local town or city but for all 15 StoryTrails locations across the UK!


More about the experiences:


AR Trails

The augmented reality trail through each town or city and accessed through mobile devices, allows visitors to meet a variety of figures from that location’s past. The trails were created using film from BBC, British Film Institute, and local archives to present a window into the past. Visitors can enjoy the trails remotely via a table-top in library experience, join guided augmented reality trails organised by the library or follow the route independently by downloading the Story-Trails app onto their own smart phones.

No matter where you are based you can download the Story-Trails app and follow a remote augmented reality trails, one of the experiences that has been created for each of the 15 authorities. Select a location and then the remote button to access the tabletop experience…


Immersive Cinema

An immersive map of the town or city reveals ten stories of local people and familiar landmarks. The map was created using 3D scanning of people, places and buildings with audio testimony from members of the local community. The 15-minute film plays on a loop and a further 20 stories can be viewed on iPads in the library.


VR Experiences

Time travel continues inside the libraries where visitors can enter digitally created worlds using a virtual reality (VR) headset. They can expect to find themselves in the shoes of a rebellious teenager as she discovers her mother’s punk past; take part in one of the many South Asian daytime raves that took place across the UK in the 1980s and 1990s; and hear what earlier generations thought life would be like today.


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Would you love to see StoryTrails in your local library? Get in touch and tell us where you are based and why you think your community would enjoy a visit from StoryTrails in the future. 

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