VR Experiences

StoryFutures (led by Royal Holloway, University of London) commissioned 6 eligible creative companies to use and reinterpret our national media archives, in partnership with the BFI and BBC. These SMEs prototyped new narrative VR experiences and storytelling approaches with the additional support of a Creative Practitioner work placement and Royal Holloway, University of London academic experts.
6 of these works are now on the road visiting libraries in 15 towns and cities across the UK as part of StoryTrails and in collaboration with Unboxed.
These 6 works are now available to play for free in selected libraries on Meta Quest 2 headsets.

Get Punked!

by Visualise


Academic expert: Armando Garcia
Creative practitioner: Jessie Mangum

Delve into Alex’s teenage diary from the 1970s and 80s and follow her as she discovers the world of punk music, from her mum’s living room to a basement dive bar. Pick up the guitar, play the retro Get Punked arcade game and even throw an ashtray at the tv! 

Get Punked


by Electric Skies

Academic expert: Amy Tooth Murphy
Creative practitioner: Tessa Ratuszynska

An animated VR film based on the remarkable true story of an aspirational parent called Syd, and their groundbreaking journey through the adoption process in the UK, experiencing first-hand the highs and lows of a dream shared by so many. 

After years of setbacks and rejections, Syd gets matched with a child, Ollie, and in the process helps redefine the meaning of family.


Life Cycles

by Surround Vision

Academic expert: Alasdair Pinkerton
Creative practitioner: Aylin Delemen

Why did the bicycle come to be? What was its impact on society?

Come on a journey through time in the UK, as we paint a picture of the cyclist through different eras to understand the effect that two wheels and a frame can have on the very fabric of our culture and environment. Try turning the cinemascope, pumping up the tyre and activating the city via the magic of hand tracking.

Life Cycles

The Museum of Imagined Futures

by Indigo Storm and Studio ANRK

Academic experts: Rachel Squire and Harriet Hawkins
Creative practitioner: Lucy Wheeler

Step into The Museum of Imagined Futures, which displays predictions for the future and enables visitors to step forward in time to get a glimpse of how humans and technology might live in balance with nature. Teleport between virtual worlds, discover archive ‘bubbles’ from the past and explore what a holistic vision for our oceans, forests and cities could look like in fifty years time. 

The Museum of Imagined Futures

Off The Record

by No Ghost

Academic expert: Jessica Boyall
Creative practitioner: Alison Bown

A VR archival exploration celebrating British South Asians and their rich musical heritage. This experience charts the rise of Bhangra and the Asian Underground from the 1970s to the joyous daytime raves of the early 2000s.

Off The Record


by Shroom Studio

Academic expert: Simone Gigliotti
Creative practitioner: Lara Kob

Step into the artworks to explore this visually arresting, graphic blend of BFI archives and interactive animated 3D models, developed from a series of iconic Lino prints by artist Mike Hatjoullis.
Promenade immerses the viewer into a series of de-constructed city scenes to tell the untold story of Mike’s background, transcending from 2nd generation Greek Cypriot immigrant restaurant worker in the heyday of 1950s Blackpool to become an influential RCA Textile Designer and Master Printmaker.


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