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Step through a magic portal and experience some of Britain’s most remarkable and hidden histories, where they actually happened.

In the BBC2 TV documentary ‘The People’s Piazza: A History of Covent Garden’, David Olusoga walked through history thanks to the creation of a virtual Covent Garden. We’ve used the same technologies from that TV documentary to create this free augmented reality app. Using TV and Film archive from the BBC and BFI, the StoryTrails AR App invites you to walk through the past and experience history where it happened.

This national collection of over 30 different stories spans the UK from Omagh to Lambeth and from Swindon to Slough. Narrators include; David Olusoga, Joanna Lumley and Frances Barber, who bring to life incredible stories which include the green queen of Sheffield, one of the UK’s first environmental pioneers Ethel Hayhtornthwaite and the first black artist to have a number one single in the UK charts, Winifred Atwell. You’ll meet film mogul Mohammed Hussain, nicknamed ‘The Godfather of Bradford’, and you’ll hear how an ice cream shop in Swansea helped to re-connect local communities after World War 2.

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The Storytrails AR app is part of a major collaboration between the BBC, BFI StoryFutures Academy, Niantic, Nexus Studios, Uplands Television, Iso Design and The Reading Agency, as part of UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK.

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