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StoryTrails features digital experiences that invites residents to experience their town or city like they’ve never seen before through augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and an immersive emotional map of the town or city. The experiences centre around their local library as well as on the streets of one of 15  towns and cities across the UK.

Immersive technology allows audiences to travel through time and space to experience the place where they live in new and magical ways. You can explore stories across virtual and augmented reality and via a series of installations by visiting the StoryTrails station at your local participating library. 92% of participants in StoryTrails said they’d learnt something new about their town or city using AR.


Guided by the Story-Trails mobile AR app you will be led at your own pace to different story points along a fixed route. If doing the trail on location, you will enter a virtual story portal outside the local participating library to begin your StoryTrails experience. Or you can access any of the 15 StoryTrails locations trails from home via the Story-Trails app. Using a mix of stunning augmented reality experiences that remix the BFI and BBC archive, audiences can experience history where it actually happened, revitalising the streets upon which they  stand with new voices and untold stories of the past. 85% of participants in StoryTrails rated their AR experience 4* or above with over 5000 unique downloads of the Story-Trails app so far.

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