General Credits

Special thanks to David Olusoga, StoryTrails Executive Producer

StoryFutures Academy Lead Team:

Director James Bennett
Creative Director Will Saunders
Senior Executive Producer Amanda Murphy
Production Executives  Sarah Smyth
Programme Manager Madeline Bates
Head of Inclusion & Diversity Angela Chan
Executive Producer, VR Claire Cook
Senior Producer, VR Kylie Bryant
Senior Producers Helen O’Neill, Tom Bonnett, Sylvie Carlos, Gabriela Jones
Archive Producer Rebecca O’Connor Thompson
Archive Researcher Nessa Dundon
PR and Media Manager Sara Parsons
Marketing and Communications Manager Sarah Brown
Communications Coordinator Beatrice Sutcliffe
Communications Assistant Jack McKay
Inclusion & Talent Manager Rebecca Frankel
Head of History Hub Adam Ganz
Script Editors Catherine Brindley, Sara Missaghian-Schirazi
Assistant Producers Nina Brown, Amy Strike, Anna Firbank
Additional Producing Samantha King
Additional research George Powell, Lauren Armstrong-Carter
Production Assistants Laura Roser, Emma Burke
Senior Technician Neil Smith
Sound Design Rich Hemmings
IP consultant Ben Green
Music Consultant Catherine Grimes
Audience Research Lead Prof. Polly Dalton
Audience Research Team Dr Andy Woods, Dr Laryssa Whitakker, Dr Marusa Levstek, Isabelle Verhulst, 
Audience Producer Michelle Rumney
VR Researchers Amy Tooth-Murphy; Harriet Hawkins; Rachael Squire; Simone Gigliotti; Alisdair Pinkerton; Armando Garcia; Jessica Boyle


Mobile AR App, design and build 
With thanks to Niantic for platform and development support. 


Executive Producer: Colin Davis

Senior Producer: David Bradshaw

Technical Project Manager: Nuno Dias

Interactive Resource Manager: Gigi Kohut 

Production Assistant: Annie Roberts

Creative & Design

Creative Director: Kim-Leigh Pontin

Creative: Kassiani Koufaki

UX Designer: Xyn Xu

UI Designer: A Young Kim

Designers: Ieuan Lewis, Laurie Rollitt 

Digital Designer: Rachael Mascarenhas

Script Writer  Daniel Bougourd

Copywriter: Kate Holden 

Researcher: Kat Mace


Creative Technology Directors: Vegard Myklebust, Liam Walsh

Technical Lead: Laurentiu Fenes

Lead Unity Developer: Jason Walters

Technical Artist: Ben Beaumont

Unity Developers: Emi Mitchell, Hannah Corrie, Stefan Tanasa 

Creative Technologist: Jen Haugan

Backend Developers: Dimitris Doukas, Christos Triantafyllis

QA Jonathan O’Shea

Machine Learning Specialist: Ian Heisters


Studio CG Lead: Paul Mitcheson

3D Artists: Matt Clarke, Bill Allard, Arnold Pryada, Alex Toufaili, Giacomo Novara, Sergio Guzman

Marvelous Designer: Alisa Maiboroda

Additional 3D Asset Creation: Les Filles du 9 Novembre 


Sound Design and Composition: Steve Nolan

Casting (A moment across Time) Hobsons International 

Recording Studio: Liquid Violet

Voice Actors (A moment across Time): Natasha Cottriall, Marc Elliott, Huw Evans, Michael Fatogun, Eleanor Kirkby, Georgia Lowe, Millie Hikasa, Rez Kempton, Jane MacFarlane, Stephanie Moore, Adam Rhys Dee, Rakhee Thakrar


Design and Production of AR Maps

Executive Producer Damien Smith
Creative Director Clyde Lawson
Head of Production Bruce Ballantine
Head of R&D Verena Henn
3D Design & Animation Eloise Shaw, Kagan Kaya, Thomas Pollock, Calum Crotch
3D Assets & Dioramas Pallavi Davé, Jena Reid, Jay Darlington
Additional Animation Thomas Goldsworthy, Colin Kaszynski, Craig Reid, Peter Cotter, Ewan Watson
Animation Coordination Tom Bryant, Tom Aikman
Content Management Lauren Glasgow
Sound & Composition Giles Lamb
Archive Editing Lewis Gourlay
UX Design Dalian Rynne
Interactive Development    David Kelly
Technical Support Jack Burn, Pawel Kudel
With Thanks to Interference Pattern and Touzie Tyke



BFI National Archive Curator Simon McCallum
Curatorial Assistant: Joanna Drayton
Rights & Contracts Manager:      Annabelle Shaw
Archive access Esopen Bale, John Carino, Katrina Stokes
Executives for BFI Ben Luxford, Gillian Scothern, Rhidian Davis
Marketing & Communications    Colette Geraghty, Nora Sandor, Nyree Jillings, Sarah Bemand



BBC copyright material reproduced courtesy of the British Broadcasting Corporation. All rights reserved.

Editor, BBC Archive: Peter Rippon
Senior Producer, BBC Archive:   Susannah Stevens


Head of Marketing & Communications     Hayley Butler
Library Liaison Manager Simon Savidge
Comms Support Zoe Dowler


Event Producers
Creative Directors Lee Baker, Catherine Borowski
Project Director Lana Guascone
Assistant Producer        Letty Gardner


Live event / theatre performance 
Written, Produced & Directed by       Kate Hargreaves & Hetty Burton
Performers Michelle Roche, Tim Barnsdall, Kate Hargreaves, Hetty Burton & Natasha Moore


CEOs David Olusoga, Mike Smith
Executive Producer Mary Crisp
Director Chris Durlacher
Production Executive    Rain Chapman

Made as part of UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK

Copyright Notice and Year 2022 

StoryFutures Grant Reference: (AH/S002758/1) 

StoryFutures Academy Grant Reference (AH/S003622/1)

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