Lambeth Credits

Lambeth Spacial Map



Naresh Kaushal


Many thanks to the people in and around Lambeth who so kindly gave us their stories.

Michelle Bahrier

Helen Carr

Wayne Chin-Denton

Carlos Costa

Natasha Davis-Brown

Claudette Douglas

Madeleine Duba

Michael Ekenachi-Augustine

Jose Figueirado

Carlos Gorsse

Edwina Hannam

Hamilton Harris

James Hillard

Nazmul Hoque

Jaz Hutchins

Onyiyechi Ibiam

Adrian Jones

Floetic Lara Lee

Celia Martin-Perez

Jay McGregor

Serena Nalty-Coombs

Marcus Nathan-Pepple

Imale Ndilovu

Odile Nouck

Charles Ogunnowo-Olorunfemi

Steadman Scott

Chakka Shombe

Caitlin Strongarm

Special Thanks

Brixton Library and the team there without whom this project would not have been possible.


With thanks to BFI National Archive for access and support.


Lambeth Archives and Film London – London’s Screen Archives


Mobile AR Trail ‘Willie’s Honky Talk Walk’ and Lambeth Virtual Cinema



Patricia Lalla


Special thanks to

Sir Richard Stilgoe

Nicky Horne

Nile Mansingh

Nicole Atwell-Mansingh

Stephen Bourne

Stewart Purvis

Narrator: Robbie Gee



Executive Producer: Amanda Murphy

Producers: Helen O’Neill, Tom Bonnett

Assistant Producer: Amy Strike

Script Editor: Writer: Sara Missaghian

Archive Producer: Rebecca O’Connor Thompson

Archive Researcher: Nessa Dundon

Head of Tech: Neil Smith

Assistants: Laura Roser, Emma Burke

Executives for StoryFutures: James Bennett, Madeline Bates, Sarah Smyth, Will Saunders



Creative Director Kim-Leigh Pontin 

Executive Producer Colin Davis 

Senior  Producer: David Bradshaw 

Technical Project Manager: Nuno Dias 

Creative: Kassiani Koufaki

Studio CG Lead: Paul Mitcheson

QA: Joanathan O’Shea


Courtesy of BFI National Archive

Brief City: The Story of London’s Festival Buildings (1952 © Crown Copyright)

Commonwealth Foundation (1969 © London Television Service)

Festival in London (1951 © Crown Copyright)

Sidewalk Surfing (1978 © Crown Copyright)

Silver Blades Ice Skating (1963 © Lambeth Council)

The Lambeth Housing Film (1937)

We are the Lambeth Boys (1959 © Graphic Films)


BBC copyright material reproduced courtesy of the British Broadcasting Corporation.  All rights reserved.

Crackerjack (19/03/1958)

Salutations: Winifred Atwell (16/10/1993)

Television, Memory, Race, 1936 – 1968 (27/09/1992)

Still Image: This is Your Life 1959 – Russ Conway

Still Image: Winifred Atwell (05/02/1957)

Still Image: Winifred Atwell (15/02/1957)

Still Image: Top of the Pops – 1964 – 1974 – Harry Secombe


Courtesy of Lambeth Archives and Film London – London’s Screen Archives. 

Lambeth (c. 1972)


AP Archive/British Movietone

Winifred Atwell Hairdressing Salon (1957)


Aleksei Egorov/Alamy

Fernando Gregory/Alamy

Keystone Press/Alamy


Pictorial Press Ltd/Alamy

Albert Sydney – National Flag of Trinidad and Tobago (Image has been cropped out)

Joe Haupt – Vintage RCA Table Radio (Image has been cropped out)


BFI Team

BFI National Archive Curator Simon McCallum

BFI National Archive Curatorial Assistant Joanna Drayton

BFI National Archive Rights & Contracts Manager: Annabelle Shaw

BFI Archive Access Esopen Bale, John Carino, Katrina Stokes

BFI Executives Ben Luxford, Gillian Scothern, Rhidian Davis

BFI marketing and communications Colette Geraghty, Nora Sandor, Nyree Jillings, Sarah Bemand


BBC Team

Editor, BBC Archive Peter Rippon

Senior Producer, BBC Archive Susannah Stevens



“Black And White Rag” – performed by Winifred Atwell

Composed by George Botsford

Published by Remick Music Corp

“Britannia Rag” – performed by Winifred Atwell

Composed by Monty Warlock and Winifred Atwell

Published by Francis Day & Hunter Ltd

“Charleston” – performed by Winifred Atwell

Composed by James Johnson and Cecil Mack

Redwood Music Ltd (PRS) and WC Music Corp. (ASCAP)

All rights administered by WARNER CHAPPELL NORTH AMERICA LTD

“Poor People Of Paris” – performed by Winifred Atwell

Composed by Marguerite Monnot and Rene Rouzaud

Published by Editions Beuscher Arpege

Solfeggietto in C minor by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach – public domain

Clair De Lune – public domain

Rachmaninoff’s 18th Variation on a Theme by Paganini – public domain



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