07 - 08 Jul ‘22
Thursday 7th July 11am – 7pm
Friday 8th July 11am – 7pm

Central Library, The Wellgate, Dundee, DD1 1DB

You will explore stories across virtual and augmented reality and via a series of installations, bringing the physical and the digital together and breathing new life into your surroundings. Guided by a mobile AR app, you will be led at your own pace to different story points along a route with a choice of story trails to follow. Outside Dundee library, you will enter a virtual story portal to begin your StoryTrails experience.

Using a mix of stunning augmented reality experiences that remix the BFI, BBC and The National Library of Scotland archive, you will experience history where it actually happened, revitalising the streets upon which they stand with new voices and untold stories of the past. Inside the library you will be immersed and fly through a unique virtual map of Dundee made up of 3D models, and audio stories captured on location. You will also have the opportunity to explore further stories via bespoke virtual reality experiences on headsets.

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Dundee library has two entry points. One access point is through the shopping centre, and you need to enter through the main entrance of the shopping centre and then go up a floor via the escalators or a lift. Alternatively you can access the library through the main library entrance which is at the back of the shopping centre. If you use this entrance point you do not need to go up a floor – and the doors are wider, and automated to open, so this is the preferable choice for accessibility. There are toilets on all levels, including at the main entrance, and these are accessible. Most of the StoryTrails experience will be on the ground floor. However, the screen experience will be located on the 1st floor of the library which is accessible via a lift.

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